Under Pressure?

David Dansereau for Know-Stroke.org Stroke prevention begins with knowing your blood pressure and keeping your other body systems tuned up as well.  What matters for stroke prevention is that you don’t ignore regular routine maintenance. The gauge on your car’s dashboard may tell you if your car’s tire pressure is off, but the human body has [...]

#WorldStrokeDay KnowStroke!

Make time today on World Stroke Day to learn about stroke from a few of our inspiring stroke thrivers in our Team EnableUs Community! Check out this great video by our cofounder reflecting back on some of the their stories from 2020! From Michael https://youtu.be/c-pjQXWNjw4 From David Learn more from my latest blog post on [...]

Bright Minds Still at Risk by Not Knowing about All Stroke Warning Signs

  I just posted an update on our EnableUs blog about the importance of knowing the stroke warning signs and early stroke education.  https://www.enable4us.com The post was in response to new data from the American Heart/Stroke Association’s  Stroke Journal Report  (released October 26th) which revealed nearly one in three young adults in the US still [...]

Virtual Stroke Support Groups

With physical distancing measures still in place, many of the restaurants, hotels, and community centers that are commonly used for meet ups are closed, or limiting the number per group. That's why we've started our new free service Virtual Stroke Support Groups!

Next Step Forward

Register for Week 5! This week we will be putting all the lessons of our previous sessions together to complete your plan. Prepare to take the Next Step Forward on your stroke recovery journey with Team Enable.Us ! Register for Week 5-Keep Moving Forward About the Program Sessions: Session 1:  Finding Your "Why" -Course Introduction Getting [...]

Next Step Forward: Here’s What You May Have Missed!

Next Step Forward: We Are Growing! Join Us for Week 3 We are passing the half way point this Friday for our Enable Us Next Step Forward Program with our kickoff throughout Stroke Awareness Month. If you missed our program launch announcement you can read about Enable Us here. If you missed a previous session, [...]

EnableUs-Next Step Forward Program

Tomorrow is the Day- We are Excited! May 1st marks the launch of the EnableUs Next Step Forward Program. Whether you’re a stroke survivor, caregiver, or care provider this is a special day. May 1st also kicks off Stroke Awareness Month!  Thank you all for choosing to invest your time with us and hopefully we’ll [...]

Don’t put off vital stroke and cardiovascular care!

Doctors Warn Not To Ignore Signs Of Heart Attack, Stroke Amid Coronavirus Pandemic WBZ Ch 4 Boston highlighted a disturbing trend earlier this week that area hospitals are reporting- "Doctors say they have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of stroke, heart attack, and other patients who would normally fill emergency departments." Next Step [...]

Enable.Us Next Step Forward Program – 2.62 Challenge!

Introducing Our Enable.Us Next Step Forward Program https://youtu.be/CTM091JRUJc Take Our 2.62 Challenge Please Step up so we can all take a Step Forward I'm proud to say I'm one of the Co-Founders of Enable.Us and I'm Inviting YOU to our 2.62 Challenge throughout the Month of May- Stroke Awareness Month. I'm kicking off this challenge [...]

COVID-19 and the Brain

Reports are starting to circulate throughout the world about the potential damaging effects the coronavirus has on the brain and nervous system.  These possible links are preliminary and are just beginning to be tracked. As reported by Dr Robert Stevens, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore We know almost nothing about the potential interactions between [...]

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