NEVER “too young” to think about Stroke

Another young bright mind, Isaac Webber, is dismissed initially as being “too young” to have a stroke

Here’s why we all might want to do a better job recognizing the stroke warning signs….at any age!

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Race Across USA presses on

Meet Newton Baker

Member of the Race Across USA Core Team

In my last post, I asked you “have you quit yet?”.  I want you to think about that question as you meet Newton Baker.


Meet Newton Baker, a retired school teacher from Montpelier,VT. On January 16th, the day the #RaceAcrossUSA kicked off in California Newton celebrated his 73rd birthday. He’s one of the core team members that share a common goal- to run 3,080 miles in 140 days. In his own words, he’s running “because some type of consciousness needs to be raised about the childhood obesity and inactivity epidemic in the US”. If Newton can make this journey he’ll be the 2nd oldest person on record to run from coast to coast. You can learn more about Newton in this video and meet the core team here:

WPTZ Presents Vermont Runner from Roger Crowley on Vimeo.

Now back to the question: Have you quit yet?

What I love about the #RACEACROSSUSA initiative is the mix of science and applied public-outreach work that the runners are calling attention to.  As one of the core team members Bryce Carlson, stated in an interview with NPR– “We’re all capable of becoming a little stronger, or more resilient, than we are.”  

My advice on quitting-

As you look at what these runners are doing each and every day of the next 120+ days or so that remain on their journey, tell yourself, it is not time to quit yet.  If they can run what turns out to be a marathon a day for each leg of this Race Across USA, you can indeed dig a little deeper too and find time to keep your sneakers near your bed to take a run or jog each day over the next 100 days to get your own Body in Balance.

[Personal Sidebar] I share a common mission with this core team on #raceacrossusa to raise awareness for childhood obesity and our nation’s growing nutrition debt.  A portion of all proceeds from my book go to my Bright Minds Kids Education Campaign.


New Stroke Recovery Book Release: The Luckiest Girl in the World

Local Press / New Book Release

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The Luckiest Girl in the World: 
My Story of Struggle and Hope in Overcoming Pediatric Stroke
Released on Paperback – November 6, 2014
by Jamie Lee Coyle and Paul Lonardo

Jamie Coyle: The Luckiest Girl in the World

“Growing up, everyone would always say how lucky I was, but at the time I was not sure what they meant. I was just doing what I always loved; skating and playing ice hockey. Everything seemed to go my way, from winning virtually every raffle I entered to scoring the game-winning goal whenever my team needed it. As I got a little older, I could feel these things before they happened, as if I knew that I was going to catch the corner of the net to get the puck past the goalie as time expired. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Becoming an Olympian was something I thought about as far back as I could remember. By the time I was twelve, I was well on my way to living my dream. Then, on August 9, 2008 I suffered a stroke during a hockey game. No one suspected that such a thing could happen to a twelve-year old, but as the reality of pediatric stroke turned my dream into a nightmare, the journey back to skating and playing hockey again showed me just how much I could accomplish with the love and support of my family and people all around me who cared. And I came to realize that I truly was the luckiest girl in the world.”- Jamie Coyle

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Free Stroke Education Webinar Registration Open


Introducing our Smart Moves Stroke Recovery Webinar Series

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How to restore Balance and Set Smart Goals After a Stroke

David Dansereau
David Dansereau (

Presenter: David Dansereau,MSPT

What You’ll learn on this Webinar:

  • Practical examples on why most rehab goals fail and how to overcome this barrier. How to Measure Your Progress and Build Your Personalized Program to reach Your Goals
  • Learn how to identify both low tech and high tech gadgets and use them to target your weaknesses and build a functional rehab plan.
  • How to Boost Your Nutrition IQ and Balance Your Energy-The Key to Optimizing Your Recovery. Nutrition is probably the most neglected component of recovery yet it is vital to optimal healing, especially when a stroke has damaged part of your brain.
  • Learn why I now advocate for early kids stroke education and awareness and how I started a public campaign called Bright Minds Kids to make a difference. 






What You’ll Get:

  1. Smart Moves PDF- You’ll Get the Webinar Action Guide as soon as You Register to Help You Get Started with Goal Setting
  2. Additional Bonuses You’ll Get for Registering Early and Sharing News of this Webinar:
  3. Smart Moves PDF- What to Eat to Fuel Your Stroke Recovery
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Take the Poll: Burning Brains. The REAL danger of teens smoking “spice” and stroke
Article by David Dansereau at

Article by David Dansereau,MSPT

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Worldwide Stroke Burden Predicted to Soar along with Rise in Percentage of Young Adults Affected

Post by David Dansereau of

Stroke Burden Wordwide Predicted to
Stroke Burden Wordwide Predicted to

The new stroke findings published online October 24 in 2 papers in The Lancet and The Lancet Global Health report a disturbing rise in stroke rate in young adults .  The report warns if these trends continue, stroke deaths, survivors, and disability and illness will more than double by 2030 (to 12 million, 70 million, and 200 million, respectively).

Here’s more press headlines from several worldwide outlets that have picked up on this grim stroke news.

The burden of stroke is increasing worldwide, particularly among young and middle-aged adults and in low- and middle-income countries, according to new …read more…  Global Stroke Burden on the Rise in Younger Adults

Stroke rates among young and middle-aged people worldwide are increasing and these groups now account for …read more…  Stroke affecting younger people worldwide

The global burden of stroke is climbing steeply and could more than double by 2030, the latest data suggest. Authors of a report published today in The Lancet …read more…. Stroke burden set to double by 2030

Ever younger people are suffering strokes, according to two new studies that warned death, disability and illness from strokes could double by 2030, partly due …read more… Stroke affecting younger people: studies 

The conference is supported by the World Stroke Organization and World It will cover the acute stroke presentation, complications and interventions…read more…. Experts discuss key stroke issues 

A major 20-year study into stroke, a condition traditionally associated with old age, has found that it is increasingly affecting young and middle aged more… Rise in younger people suffering strokes 

Bottom Line: Plan?  A Bright Mind Might Try Early Awareness and Prevention.