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to help Fight Stroke

Please help me cross the finish line in Boston 2010

Crossing the finish line in Boston 2009

I recently completed the 2009 Boston Marathon with Tedy’s Team on April 20th.  (Can you find me in the photo below?)  Sounds good,  right?  Keep reading and you’ll see why I still need your help.

Although 26.2 had been one of the only things on my mind during my training earlier this year, it was with a larger goal in mind.  Remember, my Oprah Challenge?? Well, I’m not quite there yet- so with this goal of national stroke awareness in mind….drumroll please…. I am running again.  Yes, I was recently selected to represent Tedy’s Team again in Boston in 2010.  I already went through my excuses and overcame those barriers- so it’s time to get training.

Tedys Team 2009 Boston

Please get involved in helping raise awareness for stroke. If you would like to speak to me personally about donations, fund raising ideas, or ways you could help raise awareness in your own neighborhood please call me directly at (401)632-0868

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Once wasn’t good enough….

Help me cross the finish line in Boston 2010

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