The “Demand and Supply” Economics of Driving Neuroplasticty in Stroke Recovery

Know Stroke Podcast Episode 42 Unlocking the Human Superpower of Neuroplasticity with Dr. Mike Studer If you follow the neuro rehab space you’d be hard pressed not to come across the work of our latest guest, Dr. Mike Studer.  Mike is the co founder of Spark Rehabilitation and Wellness and adjunct professor at the Oregon State University DPT …

How Do You Move an Elephant?

Keep Pushing Stroke survivors face many obstacles in their journey through recovery. Last week I was a guest with Brain Harris of MedRhythms on his show Brains with Brian. We discussed many topics and the needed push effective stroke recovery plans require to get enough reps to drive motor recovery with neuroplasticity. We covered many …

Event Reminder: Brains with Brian

Friday July 29th 11am EST Know Stroke News: Learn More and Get Your Link to Join This MedRhythms Event!

New Podcast: Meet Henry Hoffman of Saebo

Know Stroke Podcast S4E3 Listen to This Episode Now! On this episode we were joined by Henry Hoffman,MS,OTR/L co-inventor and co-founder of Saebo, Inc. We were introduced to Henry through Dr. Carolyn Brown, a previous guest of the podcast in season one. Saebo, Inc. is a medical device company primarily engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization …

Interview with Dr. Carolyn Brown, Founder of StrokeOT

Dr Brown first assisted us with the Next Step Forward Program back in May 2020. Dr Brown is a clinically certified occupational therapist with over 25 years experience in neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation and is the founder of