Calling Stroke Survivors-NOW is your time to step up!

You are not running, why should I donate?

If you have considered that it would still be the right thing to do but then clicked away, I’m here on video to remind you of why your donation to the American Stroke Association is important.  If you have donated to my fundraising and stroke awareness efforts in past, I sincerely thank you again.  I look forward to your continued support.  I appreciate every penny that comes in, especially in a difficult economy. You can help make a difference.  Every donation counts. If you have been helped by blog, and by becoming further educated about your condition through putting my story out there, now is the time for you to step up.   I have been blessed to get to know many of you personally over the phone and many have expressed thanks and stated they will become more informed and step up in their local community to spread awareness.   That is terrific!  If you play my video you’ll see why (more than ever this year) I’ll need your help.  That’s right, if you’ve already played the video, you know an injury has forced me out of the Boston Marathon this year.  Even so, I can  run the marathon in spirit with my sister and continue to move forward with my national stroke awareness campaign.

Please play the video and read my attached campaign summary and stroke awareness update I have prepared here>  knowstrokedotorgprogressreport . I’ve also included a print version of my fundraising request form if you would prefer to mail in a donation here> 2010BostonMarathonPrintDonationForm.

You can also donate right now through our secure online donation link.  Donations to the American Stroke association are tax deductible.  You’ll see when you click the link, my wife and I have started off the donations  by showing our support for my sister Lori through a $50 dollar donation in honor of each of our children.

Please help me continue to reach my stroke awareness goals and help my sister cross the finish line in Boston 2010

Click Here> DONATE NOW!

Corporate Donors can Cross the Boston Marathon finish line too!

In my next post later in the week I’ll update you on how  top corporate or individual donors can get their logo or brand visible and cross the finish line with my sister.  So, stay tuned and THANK YOU!

Best Regards,

David Dansereau

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  1. donate to this, donate to that all i ever hear . I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm in 2006 was forced to retire due to stroke i suffered from the operation . now my little retirement i had has run out and we will probably loose our house by winter. so where are my donations never get any . i do get im sorry`s and you can`t get that rehab equipment ins or Medicare does not cover it. great country we have watch this video see how we feel.


  2. Thanks for your post Ernie. Well said. I agree with you. Brain injury of any form is devastating and we are not doing a good job as a nation to help our survivors. I think everyone who arrives at your post will be well served to take the time to watch the video you included here to learn more.
    Thank you,
    David Dansereau


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