At age 39 I had a stroke without any known risk factors, except for a “silent” heart defect that you might want to know about…

David Dansereau, Stroke Survivor (founder of dansereau and tedy's team

David Dansereau

David Dansereau (

About David Dansereau

Iam a health professional with a private physical therapy practice in Rhode Island. I made my first post to this blog at the end of 2006. At the time of this first post, I was experiencing delays in medical care and uncertainty about my stroke/PFO diagnosis and proposed treatment. My first post and the creation of this blog was a way of outlining my medical history and trying to perhaps vent/keep my sanity during a difficult time in my life. My goal in building upon this blog later became to launch an awareness campaign to help better understand the causes of crypotogenic stroke and the connection between PFO/the heart and brain. My own experiences and uncertain medical course inspired me to take action.

Quick Background:

I had a stroke without warning or having typical stroke risk factors.   After months of testing it was revealed that the cause of my stroke was from a previously undiagnosed heart defect called a PFO (patent-foramen-ovale). Read my full story here

Progress / Update:

I continue to work towards an “Oprah moment” to improve screening and patient education for PFO and stroke awareness.   Recently, this goal took a giant step forward with the hard work of a great team of patient advocates.   I’ve been serving  as Vice President with helping launch a patient driven initiative, the PFO Research Foundation.
The PFO Research Foundation seeks to educate the public about patent foramen ovale (PFO) and support research into the condition’s related disorder with the goal of improving patient care by ensuring patients have access to the latest scientific information related to PFO and research into the condition is well funded. The PFO Research Foundation (PRF) was formed by patients for patients and is supported by leading experts in the field of PFO medicine.
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We need your help

If you have a similar stroke story to share or especially if you know someone with frequent unexplained migraines with aura please share this information with them.  I hope to develop this blog into a resource for better understanding on this subject.   I continue to need your help to progress this mission of better education for PFO.    Several readers have also posted similar stories and still many others have called me by phone for support and to share their stories in confidence. Please follow this link to read other survivors stories or share your own   Continue to follow along on this page for  examples of survivors stories beginning below or go to my webinar registration page to get the latest update on my story and my new goals for 2014 and beyond for stroke awareness and recovery resources.