Was the ISC2020 a Good Value for Rehab Professionals ?

Note: This post should have followed Takeaway post 1 and post 2 in this series in 2020 but then COVID destroyed that plan along with just about everything else the rest of the year!

While I was attending the Rehab Tech Summit this past weekend, this picture from a year ago popped up in my timeline from the 2020 International Stroke Conference held Feb 19-21st in Los Angeles and has prompted me to post here.

Odd this photo appeared one year to the date of the Rehab Tech Summit and Prompted Me to Post About Conference Value for Rehab Professionals-David Dansereau

This photo actually appeared while I was networking in a virtual lounge between sessions connecting with rehabilitation peers that were looking to expand and power up their careers, learn about emerging rehabilitation technologies, and for many admitting they were exploring ways to find new career opportunities. (Way more on this topic in future rants on why we need to embrace smart digital solutions now both for patients and health professionals alike!)


This virtual conference was possible using the same technologies many of us rely on to keep our practices open and growing digitally through the pandemic. This vital gateway and emerging treatment pathway in our practice toolboxes, telehealth, was just one topic covered extensively during the summit. Many of the health professionals I spoke to that were now attending this rehab summit remotely had commented what a great experience and value it was for them, and I agree!

Virtual or In Person? What’s the best Value??

To compare to a year ago when I went to LA for the Int’l Stroke Conference with a focus to speak with stroke care team professionals and explore the latest in late breaking rehabilitation science, I believe the value and networking was superior in the virtual summit this past weekend. My opinion on this does factor out costs as last minute arrangements for travel, lodging and conference fees for LA put me way over budget in 2020. I will hold from that discussion again as I mentioned in a previous post how this was a barrier for many stroke survivors being able to attend.

Brief Reflection on Timing in 2020: LA was just beginning to shut down when I was leaving the 2020 conference. There was evidence that “something” was happening in China and the conference planners for ISC20 were not allowing exibitors or registrants from China to attend in person. There was also news of a cruise ship being quarantined and US passengers arriving in California were being forced to self isolate but most attendees at conference (in fact all!) were not masking at this point. This may account partially for the reason why I was disappointed none of the rehab tech was available in the exhibitor booths compared to when I attended ISC2011 and got to try and sample all the cool new rehab technologies!

Grim milestone reached today by CDC report US deaths from COVID-19 topped 500,000

David Dansereau at ISC2011 wearing Tibion Bionic Leg.

This photo was from ISC2011 wearing a Tibion Bionic Leg. (BTW, who knows where they are now?) This was early phase rehab tech, or the beginning of the Exoskeleton Revolution in Rehab. I’ll plan to explore many of the vendors that attended the Rehab Tech Summit 2021 in a comprehensive resource for my patients, our stroke community, and therapists in a follow-up post. I’m planning to interview many vendors that attended and see if I can have them share some rehab offers and perhaps some virtual attendee swag, who knows!

Final takeaway: I reflected previously on how many of the neurologists and top stroke researchers in the world presenting at ISC20 indicated clearly they believed “the future of stroke recovery will be in the home”. After what I experienced at the Rehab Tech Summit I believe that these words could come true in 2021 if we all work together to connect the dots. The technology has arrived, and the pandemic has opened our eyes that the digital health revolution is upon us. How we work together to draw that path to digital first medical practices excites me. The potential to provide better patient value is high, we just need to reach up and grab it!

Much more to follow:)

Planning to Go to ISC in 2021?

#ISC21 will now be held virtually, March 17–19, 2021

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