Part 1: Networking for Stroke Survivors

Now that the International Stroke Conference  (ISC20) has come and gone, I’m in major “catch up” mode back at home. 

David Dansereau at ISC20 Los Angeles Convention Center

Anyone who knows me and has been following my stroke blog knows that this was not my first trip to LA for ISC.  You can read about the why for my first visit as well as this one here.

Spoiler alert-there was no Justin Bieber sightings this time!

[Sidebar] I did have the honor of meeting WW II Vet Sidney Walton at the airport

My three  ISC20 takeaways and tips I’ll be covering in the next several posts: 

  1. Networking for Stroke Survivors and Patient Advocates (I met some great patient advocates, but ISC format and costs certainly didn’t encourage survivor engagement in my opinion. -More on this in my last conference value post!)
  1. Late Breaking Stroke Science (What was everyone talking about this year?)
  1. Conference Value for Rehab Professionals (I definitely would change a few things in future years!)

Here’s the Best Networking Tips I have for Stroke Survivors from Conference

Visit The Stroke Channel TV  


I had the great fortune to bump into Christopher Ewing in the vendor exhibit hall at ISC. He’s an Emmy Award winning TV Host, Producer, Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Coach, and stroke survivor.  Christopher created TheStrokeChannel.TV to help raise awareness about the signs of stroke, as well as provide support to those who have suffered a stroke.  He’s built an online community through podcasts, online support groups and by interviewing leaders in the stroke field to help survivors in their journey through recovery.  Besides that, he’s a genuinely kind good-spirited guy and I hope to speak to him more soon and get him to share his story!

Visit Young Stroke

I also was excited to meet and have breakfast with Amy Edmunds founder of  Amy’s patient advocacy organization aims to drive research and community advocacy for young stroke under age 65. She and I shared many things in common including not relating to the resources and support options provided to us after our strokes.  We both shared how we became frustrated and depressed when we were referred to elderly stroke support groups in our communities which did not share our interest or goals that related to our return to life as young stroke survivors.  I support Amy’s vision and her mission to “Raise the Voice of Young Stroke Survivors”.  I hope to have many more conversations with Amy in the coming months.

Finally,  Know-Stroke Back Home

While I was wrapping up my last day at ISC and scrambling to prepare for my return flight back to RI, I posted on my blog about another familiar face on TV and now a new face of stroke, Caroline Goggin of Channel 12 News.  Her story played while I was in LA and I’ve been so proud of her for telling her story.  If you missed it, Caroline, her husband Travis and Channel 12 did an incredible job sharing her story and raising awareness for the growing young faces of stroke.

Please share and tell us what bothers you most about stroke!

In my next post I’ll share takeaway 2 :

What everyone was talking about at ISC20!

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