Do you need to KickStart your day?

PepsiCo's new KickStart-It's what? For breakfast??
PepsiCo’s new KickStart-It’s what? For breakfast??

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PepsiCo is now hoping you and perhaps your kids will reach for their new “solution” when you decide what to drink for breakfast.  Recently they announced their new morning energy drink solution in a can called KickStart, available Feb 25,2013 according to their website.  Can you say Mountain Dew for breakfast?  Yep, it is here and coming to store shelves real soon so if you need to give your busy morning a boost reach for a KickStart, because on top of a Mountain Dew dose of caffeine you’ll also be getting 10% real fruit juice as well.    That’s just enough of a marketing spin for PepsiCo to rely on to sell you more of their brand “stickiness” and they hope it will now carry over to breakfast.

Parents who are already filling their kids up with sugar bombs in the form of PepsiCo sodas and sports drinks should know that although the amount of caffeine is strictly limited in the soda they give their kids (by the Food and Drug Administration), energy drinks get a free hall pass.  Energy drinks get their own category so they do not have to comply and can have any amount of caffeine or special energy “co-factors” the manufacturer wants to throw in the mix.

Need a Boost?  Look at you Poor Diet and Sleep Habits...don't look in a can!
Need a Boost? Look at your Poor Diet and Sleep Habits…don’t look in a can!

We already have a growing lineup of canned solutions to boost your poor eating habits.  Conveniently, they are loaded with caffeine too and go by the names Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, 5-Hour Energy, AMP to name a few.   Now, add KickStart, and PepsiCo is hoping you’ll say, “it’s what’s for breakfast”!

[Personal sidebar]  Yes, I hope you really don’t reach for this new drink for breakfast.  I bring this to your attention because adults and kids are in fact having heart attacks and strokes from overdosing on caffeine and even worse mixing these energy drinks with alcohol.   High priced energy drinks are a small but fast-growing segment of soft drinks and I bet you’ll see Coke stepping up to give PepsiCo some breakfast competition real soon!  Sad, but if it is any indication this drink will probably be a hit.  PepsiCo offered free samples on their site for anyone who couldn’t wait and needed an early taste to get pumped up on KickStart.   They had to end the free  offer because it was so popular…

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