P90X vs. P2X1: Which is better for stroke prevention?

I know you’ve heard of P90x, the  popular DVD / infomercial pitch to get you fit, right?  But what about P2X1?? P2X1 is the lesser known, (newly discovered) but soon to be heavily pitched  ‘biochemical switch’, which is associated with strokes and heart disease when it is ‘turned on’.   According to new research reported today the Big Pharma scientists […]

Super Bowl Poll Results:Muscle Memory and Stroke Recovery

The winner of the “Muscle Memory Poll from my last post is NOT Madonna, although she did get 20% of the vote. The winning Super Bowl vote(s) for best display of muscle memory* during the big game were split evenly between the Manningham catch (40%) and the Bradshaw touchdown run (40%). Unfortunately, NFL Films pulled […]

What do these Super Bowl highlights have to do with stroke recovery?

SUPER BOWL XLVI Mario Manningham’s Great Catch Ahmad Bradshaw’s Bizarre Super Bowl Touchdown See if you know-stroke.  Take our Poll:

Take any of these dangerous medicines?

Could you actually  triple your risk of heart attack or stroke on one of these medicines? Just pick up a prescription of this Cox-2 inhibitor…. Interesting Fact: While studying the drug’s potential as an anti-cancer drug, the National Cancer Institute discovered that… Those taking 400mg doses had 250% greater risk of dying from heart attack […]

Facebook Shutdown by my post on Know-Stroke.org??

Remember I shut down my site last week to protest PIPA/SOPA?  Well, this post explores what could happen if PIPA/SOPA does pass… Here’s a potential scenario:  Let’s just pretend (in this Facebook Shutdown scenario) that I make a comment on my blog about an FDA scandal and I mention that there were reports linking politicians […]

Healthy 2012 New Year Wishes from Know-Stroke.org

As 2011 winds down I would be remiss if  I didn’t thank you all for visiting my stroke awareness blog over the past year.   I wish you all success and the best of health in 2012. Happy and HEALTHY New Year  Wishes from Know-Stroke.org  !!  

Even Hercules Can Have a Stroke

Open a digital copy of this month’s Stroke Connection and read about Kevin Sorbo’s account of his stroke and recovery (YES that Hercules). His book is a great read too, but if you just can’t afford to miss a minute on Facebook then click on the link above to read this great article written by […]

“Upload” more Brain Power? Is this the future of Stroke Rehab/Recovery ?

While researching emerging technologies for brain recovery as part of my new book, I started following the work that the MIT Media Lab is doing especially the work of Ed Boyden a biological engineer and brain and cognitive scientist.   If you have the time go watch the video he did for TED below, this is […]

How to best help stroke survivors use gait technology to regain mobility

My article entitled “Simple Steps”  was printed in the April issue of Advance for Physical Therapy Magazine.  If you missed it you can go to this link to read my article and learn more about some of the new technologies for stroke rehabilitation.

What would you do?

post by David Dansereau for Know-Stroke.org A healthy 8 year old boy is playing with friends when suddenly he begins to experience severe left eye pain.  He goes to pick up the ball and his right arm isn’t cooperating, allowing the ball to continue to escape his grip.  You also notice his speech just doesn’t […]