Wonder what A Migraine looks like?

Strokes suffered by young people in the past may have been “underdiagnosed and underappreciated”

This article by Robbie Neiswanger from THE MORNING NEWS IN RAZORBACK CENTRAL Athletes Not Immune To Strokes Arkansas Receiver On The Recovery Trail LAST UPDATED FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2009 7:16 PM CDT FAYETTEVILLE — Something was wrong with Brian Mullen. The professional hockey player didn't feel right that August day in 1993. His keys unusually [...]

PFO/Stroke Clinical Trial Video

This video from Tedy Bruschi and AGA Medical is a PSA explaining the Respect Clinical Trial (You can also view other Tedy Bruschi stroke PSAs on YouTube's TacklingStroke's Channel or directly on the AGA Medical site atamplatzer.com more about "PFO/Stroke Clinical Trial Video", posted with vodpod

Lower Body Conditioning after a Stroke: It’s Still Your Job

By David Dansereau for Stroke Smart Magazine Stroke rehabilitation therapies and modalities for lower-extremity training have indeed advanced in recent years with improved technology. Many of these advances are being driven by what researchers are learning about brain recovery and neuroplasticity. Physical therapists that embrace this concept for stroke recovery now develop rehabilitation protocols and [...]

Excuses and Doing Your (Rehab) Job after a Stroke

I'm up late putting the finishing touches on my next mobility article for Stroke Smart Magazine and it got me reflecting on my own list of excuses and what it took (hard work) to overcome each of them. Here's a look back on my own excuses to hopefully help you look forward towards your own [...]

Bruschi in a category all his own – Kathryn Tappen – NESN.com

Thank you Kathyrn for your article today on Tedy Bruschi and for giving some well deserved credit to a real leader and a true hero for the work he does on and off the field. Many still don't know about Tedy's commitment off the field and the work he does with Tedy's Team and the [...]

We need to do more

I know this is a start but we need to do more to raise stroke awareness. I was contacted on my blog today by AGA Medical letting me know of their new stroke awareness campaign. Congratulations, this is a step in the right direction, but it is something we should have started years ago. Here's [...]

AHA Press release on PFO: More patients needed in clinical trials to find treatment for heart condition linked to certain strokes

 Article source: American Heart Association media room   News Releases More patients needed in clinical trials to find treatment for heart condition linked to certain strokes Statement Highlights: Patent foramen ovale (PFO), an opening between the two chambers of the heart, has been associated with some strokes for which there has been no identifiable cause. [...]

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