If you have had your PFO closed recently or have had a stroke…What are you doing to thin your blood ?

I’m working on an article for my nutrition site my-nutrition-coach.com . The topic for this article is Omega-3 oils and  I am researching the latest nutritional science and what (if any) advice medical professionals are giving to suggest alternate methods to keep your blood thin.   I am especially interested in the nutritional advice given […]

Get our student athletes screened for heart defects

Should all young athletes in the US have their hearts screened? They do in Italy. Why not here? by David Dansereau for know-stroke.org My guess is you’ll hear more about this debate on the nightly news this evening and in the days to come. That is because two studies published yesterday are reigniting an emotionally […]

We need to do more

I know this is a start but we need to do more to raise stroke awareness. I was contacted on my blog today by AGA Medical letting me know of their new stroke awareness campaign. Congratulations, this is a step in the right direction, but it is something we should have started years ago. Here’s […]

More Research on Stroke-Migraine-PFO Connection

Here’s a quick video replay of a story that came out today on Channel 5 in Boston.  It shows a clear illustration and explanation of how PFO’s are closed and interviews a woman that has had a significant reduction in her migraines after PFO closure “from about 25 migraines in a month to maybe four […]

Do you know-stroke?

Know-Stroke May is Stroke Awareness month: Do you know-stroke? May 1,2008 Acknowledging the month of May as “Stroke Awareness Month” offers advocates for stroke awareness, stroke survivors and their families and caregivers an opportunity to educate the public about the devastating and debilitating effects of stroke. I offer this page on my sites today exactly […]

PFO and CardioSeal info

Source: ClevelandClinic.org Patent Foramen Ovale Your septum The septum is the muscular wall separating the heart into the left and right sides. The atrial septum is the wall separating the atria (the two upper chambers). The ventricular septum is the wall separating the ventricles (the two lower chambers). Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) The foramen ovale […]

A Hole in the Heart-Good PFO Tipsheet by stroke.org

Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) and Stroke Source: stroke.org and AMA Medical Have you had a stroke or TIA (transient ischemic attack or mini-stroke) “out of the blue” with no obvious risk factors? Did doctors check to see if the stroke or TIA may have been caused by a “hole” in the heart called a patent […]