Know Stroke Podcast Episode 31

Interview with Ralph Preston Founder of Stroke Buddies

Know Stroke Podcast Episode 31-Ralph Preston

Show Co-Hosts Michael Garrow & David Dansereau

About our Guest:

After a stroke in his 50’s, Ralph Preston leveraged years of professional video experience to continue to do good with his camera.

He  “turned the lens on himself “ and is developing high-quality videos for stroke survivors and for local non-profits. Preston is the founder of Stroke Buddies: By and For Stroke Survivors, a Facebook group for stroke survivors that currently has 8,000 members and is growing every day.

Ralph built this community from the ground up so survivors can seek answers, learn with educational resources, and receive support. Last year, he launched a weekly virtual stroke survivor support group meeting in association with MedRhythms who we’ve featured on our podcast in the past.

Ralph is using his voice to assemble a team of medical professionals, PTs, OTs, physicians, neurologists, and neuroscientists who have suffered stroke themselves and are interested in sharing their stories and knowledge at these support group meetings.  I was a guest on Ralph’s show recently as well discussing my stroke and advocacy efforts.

Stroke Buddies Episode 45- David Dansereau

Ralph also started a discussion show that is shared with the Stroke Buddies community and is called Stroke Roadmap. The purpose is to help those who are transitioning their recovery from PT to home therapy. Additionally, Ralph develops and shares dozens of home therapy exercise videos from his YouTube channel to improve at-home recovery.   He founded and ran a video production company prior to his stroke and founding Stroke Buddies, and it is his mission to use these skills to disseminate knowledge and help others.  

This year Stroke Buddies was granted non-profit status, so now he is off to raise money and see if he can fundamentally change stroke recovery.

Episode 31 (S4E6) Show Credits:

Music Credit and Podcast Production by Jake Dansereau

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