We discussed on this episode how the adjectives we use to describe how we are feeling after our stroke, both as survivors and caregivers change as we begin to be empowered and begin to heal and move forward in our own road to stroke recovery.

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My road back from a stroke included  a recovery goal of setting my sights on someday returning to take on one of the biggest challenges I had achieved before my stroke, running the Boston Marathon.  I also found that during my road to recovery my adjectives eventually changed from “angry” and “dark” to “empowered” and “grateful“.

This is why in part this post gives me such great pleasure, as along with my co-host Michael Garrow we recently welcomed back Caroline Goggin (the intro voice of the Know Stroke Podcast) back to the show with her husband Travis Eldridge

In this episode we were able highlight some of the difficult conversations and decisions young couples face when coming back from experiencing such a life altering event, a stroke.  We really enjoyed this episode, especially as Travis was able to bring his experiences of the spouse as caregiver, and the grief and helplessness one goes through silently while supporting their own spouse.  In this case, Caroline and Travis had only been married 3 weeks when they were faced with the challenges of balancing life after a stroke.  If you missed Caroline go into detail of the events of her stroke as our first guest in Season 1, this episode can be played here.

Coming full circle with this couple and also following Caroline’s recovery journey on this blog, I can say it has been a pleasure to share their announcement in this this episode.

They will be setting their sites on the Boston Marathon later this year in April as Caroline and Travis’s recovery journey takes the next step forward. In this episode you’ll hear Caroline talk about her progression in her recovery and setting sights on a marathon. This is important for all survivors to hear, as small steps can start a ripple effect that can lead to overcoming challenges and achieving bigger goals that you might currently feel are impossible. 

This is the theme of Season 3 of our podcast, finding your own why and achieving goals and it was so great to lead with Caroline and Travis to help showcase what is possible when you have a plan.  My co-host Mike and I always say, every stroke survivor has a certain potential level for recovery. 

We discussed on this episode how the adjectives we use to describe how we are feeling after our stroke, both as survivors and caregivers change as we begin to be empowered and begin to heal and move forward in recovery.

How Did You Describe Your Stroke? What are you Feeling Now?

It is those survivors, like Caroline, that build the mindset they will “train like and athlete” and immerse themselves in their own recovery game plan that are rewarded with the best outcomes. 

Even when their adjectives were intially “weak” and “hopeless”…..

Please give this episode a play, and if you are moved by these discussions please share and please help them in their mission of raising stroke awareness and funds for Tedy’ s Team as well if you are able to help

Thank you Caroline and Travis for sharing your stories!

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