Know Stroke Podcast Season 2 Episode 5

Interview with Brooke Medel- Stroke Nurse Navigator at UConnHealth

Navigator: one that navigates or is qualified to navigate.

Who are some people that come to mind when you think of navigators? Most navigators have personality traits of wanting to help others achieve their goals. Brooke Medel is a Stroke Nurse Navigator at UConn Health in Farmington, Connecticut. Joining the team at UConn in June Brooke has come into a crucial role supporting stroke survivors in the transition of care from the hospital back home and in adapting to life after stroke. Sounds like an important job, right? Brooke was born for this job. Once you listen to her story you’ll understand the passion she brings into the role and why her patients are so lucky to have her.

In this episode Brooke brings us through her day to day as a stroke nurse navigator. We explore the many challenges faced by stroke survivors and their loved ones at the point of discharge and her approach to supporting these challenges. You’ll also hear about the Stroke Clinic at UConn Health and the amazing support they provide to the stroke thriver community. Brooke gives us a recap of the 3rd Annual Stroke Symposium which was held last month as part of World Stroke Day, October 29th.

We’ve shared a link to a replay of that event for you below, and also links to the UConn support group which meets the fourth Monday of every month. You can attend these support groups in person if you are in the Central Connecticut area, or you can tune in virtually. Check it out, ask questions, and connect with fellow stroke thrivers!

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