Know Stroke Podcast Season 2 Episode 3

On Episode 3 of Season 2 of the Know Stroke Podcast we were joined by an old friend, Dr. Carolyn Brown. Before Dr Brown joined, per usual, David and Mike covered this past weeks “In The News” section.

The headline that popped for us this week was 

“Mindmaze scores big with $125M for gamified neurotherapeutics platform”

Know Stroke Podcast S2E3

This is a company Mike has had his eye on since researching the use of Virtual Reality for stroke rehabilitation as part of his Masters Thesis. MindMaze is making a push to repairing neurological damage caused by stroke. MindMaze’s platform comprises a series of video games that, when combined with a motion-tracking camera and customized to a patient’s individual condition and needs, can support both rehabilitation and restoration of brain function. Several of the programs have already been cleared for use in the U.S. and Europe, and a new line of funding will now help make them even more widely available. Watch this space, we think it’s going to have some massive potential. Oh, and so does Leonardo DiCaprio, he added MindMaze to his list of investments back in 2017.

About our guest for this episode of the Know Stroke Podcast:

Dr Brown first assisted us with the Next Step Forward Program back in May 2020. Dr Brown is a clinically certified occupational therapist with over 25 years experience in neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation. 

Prior to the pandemic Carolyn ran a series of exercise classes for stroke survivors in a clinic setting. In March of 2020 she quickly brought these classes online, delivered through Zoom. To her delight survivors loved the online classes. She continues to deliver weekly Telehealth classes, and is so bought into the potential of digital for occupational therapy that she launched her own non-for-profit, StrokeOT.

In this discussion we explored what is making telehealth stick from a patient/survivor perspective, what things need to be happen from a regulatory view for the commercial model to make sense, and what Carolyn has in her crystal ball for the future of stroke care. 

And make sure you stick around until the end, we close things off with a short breathing exercise, you’ll be sent off with your body and mind at ease. 

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