I just posted an update on our EnableUs blog about the importance of knowing the stroke warning signs and early stroke education. 


The post was in response to new data from the American Heart/Stroke Association’s  Stroke Journal Report  (released October 26th) which revealed nearly one in three young adults in the US still does not know common stroke symptoms. 

If you’ve been long time reader of my blog you know this is an important topic for me.  I’ve been trying to improve early stroke education among our brightest young minds for well over a decade. (I’ve linked to previous program announcements at the end of this post.) In fact, you’ll see in this photo, we’ve made some progress if you consider that back in 2013 at my Bright Minds Kickoff event at a local middle school the awareness for stroke was lower. 

2013 Launch of Bright Minds Campaign

As I reported back then only one in six young adults could name three or more stroke warning signs.

The biggest barrier I encountered when trying to grow my Bright Minds Stroke Education Program, like everything else was funding.  In fact I was launching the program with materials donated by a pharmaceutical company that were unfortunately not age-appropriate and specific to young bright minds and the slide I’m sharing is all telling when I asked if a young attendee would share a poster with his teacher to be placed in the classroom. His answer was “NO” when I asked why!

“My teacher wouldn’t hang up that stroke poster in the classroom!”  “Why?” I asked.  Child’s response-“Because it has a scary old lady on it!!”

Source: https://youtu.be/N1Mz0QWgams

Hopefully, the latest offering by the American Stroke Association can do better to target stroke education in young bright minds.  They launched a new campaign in 2020 and toolkit for educators called  Stroke Hero. This is a simple guide for educators, mentors, advocates, youth leaders, and parents to educate about stroke.   Learn more in my post at EnableUs.

Teach Kids About Their Superpower!

Get Your Stroke Hero Toolkit

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