Stroke Rehabilitation Therapy Paired with Vagus Nerve Stimulation Looks Promising for Recovering Arm Function in Small Stroke Recovery Pilot

As originally published in  Stroke.  

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Paired With Upper Limb 
Rehabilitation After Chronic Stroke- 
A Blined Randomized Pilot Study STROKEAHA.118.022279

A new pilot study found that vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), in addition to regular rehabilitation therapy, can double the rate of recovery for stroke patients.

Important Safety Note:  Implanting a nerve stimulator can cause complications and experts say more study is needed before this is put into further use.  In this study 3 of the 17 patients did have adverse events related to the implanting of the VNS.

Bottom Line:  Although the results of this study are promising, more research is needed to assess the safety and efficacy of combining stroke rehabilitation therapy with VNS.


Read more about the results of this study and conclusions here:


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