10 Year Old Girl Uses Knowledge of Stroke to Save her Grandpa’s Life

Source: Steve Harris / News 4 St. Louis,Mo. (KMOV.com)

Kids are Never too Young to Know-Stroke and SAVE Lives!

Follow the link and watch this great video to learn how the young bright mind of 4th grader Sophia Tabors recognized the stroke warning signs and took FAST action to save her grandpa.  As Steve Harris from News 4 reports in this video, Sophia learned what to do from her 4th grade science fair project on Strokes.

Great Job Sophia!

Source: KMOV.org -Harris Hero: “Fourth grader used science fair project to save grandpa’s life”

[Personal Sidebar: Sophia’s story is another great example of why we need stroke education in schools early! -see my Bright Minds Campaign for more info] Source: http://www.kmov.com/story/29623746/fourth-grader-used-science-fair-project-to-save-grandpas-life http://www.know-stroke.org/brightminds/ KnowStrokeTshirtFront copy

Published by David Dansereau

Licensed Physical Therapist, Nutritionist and Author in private consulting practice at PTC Physical Therapy Consulting and SmartMovesPT. Know-Stroke.org is my blog and members resource to raise stroke awareness and educate the public about reducing stroke risk as well as provide tips, tools and review new technologies for stroke recovery. Learn about my book, Body in Balance sold on Amazon at https://www.physicaltherapycoach.com Liten to the Know Stroke Podcast here: https://knowstrokepodcast.buzzsprout.com/

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