10 Year Old Girl Uses Knowledge of Stroke to Save her Grandpa’s Life

Source: Steve Harris / News 4 St. Louis,Mo. (KMOV.com)

Kids are Never too Young to Know-Stroke and SAVE Lives!

Follow the link and watch this great video to learn how the young bright mind of 4th grader Sophia Tabors recognized the stroke warning signs and took FAST action to save her grandpa.  As Steve Harris from News 4 reports in this video, Sophia learned what to do from her 4th grade science fair project on Strokes.

Great Job Sophia!

Source: KMOV.org -Harris Hero: “Fourth grader used science fair project to save grandpa’s life”

[Personal Sidebar: Sophia’s story is another great example of why we need stroke education in schools early! -see my Bright Minds Campaign for more info] Source: http://www.kmov.com/story/29623746/fourth-grader-used-science-fair-project-to-save-grandpas-life http://www.know-stroke.org/brightminds/ KnowStrokeTshirtFront copy


3D Printing for Better Heart Occluder Placement

What a brilliant idea!  Heartwire by Medscape presented  a case report where Australian physicians are taking advantage of 3D printing to create an exact replica of the patient’s cardiac anatomy when planning left atrial appendage (LAA) closure procedures.


Can’t help wondering…

Could 3-D printing also be used in other cardiac procedures?

Perhaps to better size PFO occluders prior to placement?

Here’s the link to the full article:

Personalized 3D Printing of Heart Model Aids in LAA-Closure Procedure: Case Report


10 Health Benefits of Improved Nutrition



Food is Medicine!  Here’s what proper nutrition can do:

  1. Increase ENERGY
  2. SLEEP Better
  3. Stronger HAIR,SKIN,NAILS
  4. Emit a HEALTHY Glow
  6. Improve HEART Health
  7. Enhance SEX Life
  8. Decrease DIABETES Risk
  9. Improve JOINT HEALTH
  10. Decrease BODY FAT

Get Ready to Feel Better!