Home Stroke Rehab Tip from my Smart Moves Webinar

Home Stroke Rehab Tip for Balance Training


How to Restore Balance and Set Smart Goals After a Stroke Webinar

This quick stroke recovery tip is from the stroke rehab tools and tricks section of my recent home stroke recovery webinar.  This quick video shows how to use an alternate and affordable safe harness system at home for balance retraining and strengthening for under $15 to help with your home stroke rehab exercises.  Join the webinar rebroadcast at http://www.know-stroke.org and sign up for this educational webinar from my Smart Moves Webinar series.  

Note: At the end of the month this rebroadcast will go into my members area and the replay registration will be removed.  Register and watch the rebroadcast to help jump start your home stroke recovery!


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Body in Balance


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