Here’s Your Keys to Great Health in 2014

Drive Safely!
Drive Safely!

I Gave you the Right Keys.  Don’t tell me you are still putting in the wrong fuel!

by David Dansereau,MSPT

reprint from my ezine PTCHealth-E-News

Would you put low-octane fuel in a high-performance race car? Would you feed cat food to a dog? Of course not!  But, it illustrates a point.

Without the right fuel in your body, you’ll never experience optimal performance or gain permanent control over your body–weight or body-fat — regardless of your fitness goals. Every day millions of Americans are simply guessing, and fumbling with the wrong keys. As a result the nation’s growing nutrition debt will eventually drown our society. Forget about Obamacare helping, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is simply a failed plan for more sickcare without real health education incentives as you’ll find out by reading the included links below.

The real keys to firing up an engine of health are in education and providing the motivation to make change happen.-DP Dansereau, MSPT

In case you do not get my free monthly ezine, I’ve included the latest  links to several recent articles on these related topics for your further reading:

Why Obamacare is Sickcare
Our Nation’s Growing Obesity Epidemic (Nutrition Debt)
Healthy School Community Corporate Sponsors can Help Kids Know Nutrition
We Can Not Fix This Through Diets! The History of Diets shows us that 300+ Years of failed trying has only made the problem worse

So what about those Keys???

My Online Weight Management Course, WMU101 is the most sophisticated and effective weight-management program in the world, kidding aside. If you have been taking the course, I know you’ll agree!

To prove it, as an introduction to promote my course, I had extended it to you — FREE!!! That was like I was giving you an initial $100 health gift card FREE!!! In reality, if you had decided to enroll before the WMU open enrollment deadline I was also extending the course free for a second year along with several unadvertised bonus downloads within the course. The bottom line on these keys: the actual gift value to you was worth over $300! Remember, “I told you so”, and if you didn’t take action before you can still get the course and the bonuses until Monday Jan 7th at a discount, then they disappear in the price returns to the regular course fee of $97.  Here’s the course link

After all, the best program is the one designed for you, personally, as you can learn in the course.

Call now for a private appointment at 508-399-1782 if you need a jump start and some additional motivation and help getting started!

Preview the WMU-101 Course Brochure

My Mission in creating all my websites:
I believe there is an athlete inside us all and I believe in enabling all individuals to do the things they never thought possible. I believe education and understanding your condition are VITAL to your empowerment. I believe in treating the cause of a problem- rather than just the symptoms you might feel. And I believe that nothing should stand in the way of accomplishing ANY goal you have, including your own marathon if you desire.

I look forward to speaking with you so please join our Facebook page and write a review of the course, or simply share the great content!

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Published by David Dansereau

Licensed Physical Therapist, Nutritionist and Author in private consulting practice at PTC Physical Therapy Consulting and SmartMovesPT. is my blog and members resource to raise stroke awareness and educate the public about reducing stroke risk as well as provide tips, tools and review new technologies for stroke recovery. Learn about my book, Body in Balance sold on Amazon at

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