Chinese herbal remedy NeuroAid no more effective for stroke recovery than placebo in recent clinical trial

A Chinese herbal remedy NeuroAid (by Moleac), which is widely marketed* to improve stroke recovery failed to show it was any more useful than a placebo in a large,three month multi-center clinical trial.  This double-blind, placebo-controlled trial randomized 1100 patients with a National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale score 6 to 14, within 72 hours of onset, to trial medications for 3 months.   Half were randomly assigned to get NeuroAiD and the other half to a dummy medication. Neither the patients nor the doctors knew which pills each participant was taking.

Does NeuroAid Work ??
Does NeuroAid Work ??

For three months, all the patients took 12 capsules a day.

The results demonstrated the herbal medicine did not help stroke survivors recover their function.

The results of this trial were reported recently in Stroke.

More facts on NeuroAid:

NeuroAid is a blend of extracts from plants, leeches, beetles, scorpions and antelope horn.

*Moleac’s CEO David Picard reported to Reuters that  NeuroAiD is sold in at least 25 countries, and 20,000 people have taken it.

NeuroAid is currently not available through U.S.-based vendors, although consumers can buy it online.  A three month regimen costs about $1,500.

David Dansereau,MSPT

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  1. Hi David
    I’m 39 recently had a stroke and found i had a PFO. I read your story and i had some similar occurrences. I have also collapsed twice in my life. I’m also very active. I wanted to know how big or small your PFO was before closure?


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