Nutrition and Diet after a Stroke: Where do you Begin?

How to Fuel Your Stroke Recovery

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Nutrition is vital to optimal healing, especially when a stroke has damaged part of your brain. During my stroke recovery, I researched quite a bit about diet, migraines, managing your blood to reduce the risk of a repeat event (stroke), and proper nutrition for healing and reducing inflammation. Luckily I had a good foundation prior to my stroke as my undergrad degree was in nutrition.  I went on to practice for 17 years as a consulting Registered Dietitian (RD) before returning to graduate school in PT (Physical Therapy).  I am offering you a similar crash course in nutrition (without having to take out loans) to get you up to speed on proper diet and nutrition principles to follow after a stroke and for optimal weight management.

Learn more about the release of my WMU-101 course in nutrition here.

David Dansereau