A look at the History of Diets shows repeated pattern of “Quick-Fix” Failures

“Stroke Survivors often fall victim to many of these diet scams, sometimes with deadly consequences”.-David Dansereau, Know-Stroke.org

WMU101diethistoryHere’s a look at “The History of Diets” so you can see how many of the popular commercial diet programs and so called  “physician supervised” meal plans cycle in and out of popularity just as fast as they get proven not to work.  What’s “old is new again” in the diet world it seems, just read this diet history timeline and you’ll see what I mean.

The most recent diet trend disturbs me the most because it targets young kids.  The so called “energy drinks” and metabolism “boosters” are no more than caffeinated sugar bombs in a can and they are mostly unregulated and possibly deadly (as proven by a recent increase in ER death reports of energy drinks linked to strokes and heart attacks).  Read my full article here on the “History of Diets”

Watch this video now that is also at the end of the article if you are pressed for time.  In this video we decided it was time to put one of these popular energy shots to the test in our office.

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feedyourbrainA revealing diet study in 2010 demonstrated just how big an impact a poor nutritional start can have on our young Bright Minds (Our Kids!).  Those young minds who ate a predominantly processed food diet at age 3 had lower IQ scores at age 8.5. For each measured increase in processed foods, participants had a nearly two point decrease in IQ.

As you might suspect, the opposite also held true, with those Bright Minds eating healthier diets experiencing higher IQ levels.

Your Child’s Healthy Diet Is Up to You

Young Bright Minds will simply not know which foods are healthy unless you, as a parent, teach it to them.  As a parent, it is important to carefully consider the types of foods you give your child at home and in restaurants, as research has shown that repeated exposure builds taste preferences very quickly.  Read More….


City man back to running after stroke from a PFO – Source – The Charleston Gazette – West Virginia News and Sports –