PFO/Migraine/Stroke Discussion not on RI Stroke Conference Agenda


What would you like to say?

As someone perhaps concerned about the future research on the PFO/Migraine/Stroke connection please help me evaluate the stroke conference I attended yesterday for the PFO Research Foundation.  As I previously mentioned in a post on our patient advocacy group, I attended the 3rd Annual Rhode Island Stroke Conference: “Getting to the Heart of STROKE“. Even though my blood pressure has now returned to baseline I do find myself hitting these keys a bit hard now so please chime in here and help write up my course evaluation. I know you were not there but just knowing the words PFO/Migraine/Stroke were not even mentioned together once at the conference should hopefully get you all going too.

Perhaps if I get enough feedback I’ll build a page and link it to my evaluation for some possible future consideration in conference planning. Pls share!

If not You, Then Who?

David Dansereau

David Dansereau of
David Dansereau of

One Reply to “PFO/Migraine/Stroke Discussion not on RI Stroke Conference Agenda”

  1. Hi Dave, PFO was a topic at the 2011 conference, presented by Dr. Brian Silver. I think the only reason it was not presented this year was to avoid redundant material not because it was unimportant. Hope this helps to control your B/P. Thanks for attending!!


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