Why are we surprised more young adults are having strokes?

Poor Diet  = Increase Stroke Risk

All the media channels were reporting this week that there is an alarming rise in stroke stats in young adults.  Why are we surprised?  The Disturbing Facts Have Been Right in front of us for some time now.  Is Diet and Inactivity partly  to blame?
Here’s the Facts: Only 12 percent of adults and two percent of children currently eat a healthy diet.  Only 3.8 percent of U.S. elementary schools, 7.9 percent of U.S. middle schools and 2.1 percent of U.S. high schools provide daily physical education for students, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  Something has to change dramatically in our school health education system as clearly our young Bright Minds are not receiving adequate exercise and nutrition education to help protect their health.”
-David Dansereau,MSPT PTC Physical Therapy and Know-Stroke.org