Obama’s Address fails to mention our nation’s poor nutritional health and growing obesity debt

“Not that protecting our environment isn’t important to our overall health, but I believe failure to respond to the reality of the obesity epidemic in our nation would even further betray our children and future generations.”

-David Dansereau, MSPT  Know-Stroke.org


President Obama today in his second Inaugural Address spoke of how he vows to address climate change and make this issue top priority during his second term.  As reported in the New York Times, President Obama stated “we will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.”

Obesity Debt is Our Nation's Greatest Risk and Lowest Priority-Know-Stroke.org
Obesity Debt is Our Nation’s Greatest Risk and Lowest Priority-Know-Stroke.org

I was actually hoping to hear more about President Obama’s plan for our nation’s health.

Please-NO!- not more on “Obamacare” because that essentially has little to do with wellness and prevention.  In particular, I was hoping the President would address another growing national debt, –obesity.    Not that protecting our environment isn’t important to our overall health, but I believe failure to respond to the reality of the obesity epidemic in our nation would even further betray our children and future generations.   Turns out, our nation’s heaviest energy consumers may be right in Washington DC! *   Here’s an interesting link where you can look up several key health markers of body change or body health, by cities studied so far as part of a joint promotion between Dr. Oz and Practice Fusion.  I happen to use Practice Fusion EMR in my clinic and stumbled across this page I am sharing here:


This report card of several cities health surveyed to date shows how residents screened for health risk factors in the following categories: BMI, Waist Circumference, BP, Total Cholesterol, HDL, Triglycerides, Glucose, Diabetes, Exercise, Smoking, Fruit Consumption.

*BMI (body mass index) in particular struck me in Washington DC (see screenshot below). Look at the growing girth of residents in Our Nation’s Capital.  Isn’t this in fact at the heart or the command center of Mrs Obama’s own Let’s Move Initiative and some 42 million in funding?  Sorry, I digress….

Source:Data from 15-Minute Physical events across the US Dr Oz and Practice Fusion Promotion
Source:Data from 15-Minute Physical events across the US Dr Oz and Practice Fusion Promotion

So, if you have time or the stomach to go check out this link you can see all the other scary stats on how other cities are failing miserably at their own nutrition and health report cards.  Do we need another “Diet” Bail Out?  Indeed, as a nation, YES!

David Dansereau post at Know-Stroke.org

David Dansereau at Know-Stroke.org




Notre Dame’s Hegarty sidelined by stroke from “holes” in heart


Athletes- Parents- Coaches- Trainers – KNOW-STROKE !!

I hope Matt makes a quick return to the game he loves. I also sincerely hope the sports community in particular hear Matt’s stroke story and realize that stroke can happen to young athletes.  Finally, I urge trainers, parents, coaches AND physicians NOT to simply sit on the sidelines and dismiss obvious stroke symptoms“.

-David Dansereau for Know-Stroke.org

It is reported that the  “heart” that Matt Hegarty showed on the field while playing football for Aztec High School helped him earn a football scholarship at Notre Dame. It also has  been determined that it is in fact his heart that kept him out of this past Monday’s BCS national championship game.

Notre Dame's Matt Hegarty has stroke from Holes in Heart
Notre Dame’s Matt Hegarty has stroke from Holes in Heart

Hegarty, is a 2011 graduate of Aztec High School, and played in the 12-0 Irish’s first nine games, but he suffered a mini-stroke Nov. 8 and he hasn’t played a game since. The 20-year-old offensive lineman underwent heart surgery Dec. 14 to repair two holes in his heart that he has had since birth.

It is reported that Hegarty suffered symptoms such as shortness of breath and the inability to talk or write. Those symptoms lingered on for nearly a day before he went to team doctors for an evaluation.

As reported in the article for ABQJournal, Hegarty commented  It was pretty scary. I had heard stories about people who have had strokes and it flashed in my mind for a second that I might be having one. But I thought I was 20 and in good health and it couldn’t be a stroke,” he said. “I talked to the trainers and they were keeping an eye out on me, but my symptoms seemed to get better”.

Know-Stroke Warning Signs

It is reported the  next day in warmups before practice, Hegarty’s symptoms got worse and the team doctor ran some tests.  It was only then that the 20 year old was sent to the hospital where they determined he had ruled in for a stroke.

Hegarty’s goal is to return to football next season.  Hegarty was reminded of another football player that made a return from stroke to return to the NFL.  Former New England Patriot and current ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi.

It was Notre Dame starting center Braxton Cave who first asked, “Didn’t Tedy Bruschi have that?”

“That short comment was huge news to me, to know another football guy had this happen and come back healthy to play again,” Matt Hegarty said. “He had a hole in his heart and suffered a much more severe stroke.

[Sidebar] As I have said time and time again, there are many Bright young Minds that connect with Tedy Bruschi’s stroke recovery story as illustrated again here with Matt’s story.  That is why I still feel Tedy and the “Bruschi Factor” could be having a legendary impact on kids stroke awareness.  So Tedy, if you are reading this,  -it is time to step it up!

David Dansereau at Know-Stroke.org

David Dansereau,MSPT


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