So Doc, don’t be so quick to send me home with migraine meds.  Don’t assume your own Doctor is  paying attention to your STROKE Warning signs. KNOW-STROKE!

Why?? Read and Share Derrick Burns Story

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“Burns had severe headaches for days before his stroke. A few weeks after spring practice concluded, he returned to Pitt for offseason workouts with his teammates. That’s when the headaches came on strong. He went to UPMC for tests. An MRI, CAT scan and spinal tap did not detect anything. He was diagnosed with migraines and sent home.”

Read Derrick Burns stroke story here.  It is so similar to all the stories stroke survivors tell me ( just like Burns) that have suffered with migraines and have been sent home on medication. Unfortunately, like Burns, many are sent home with meds and often told it is “stress related or in their heads” and not investigated further until they have a stroke.

When I tell the survivors I speak to all the time to write down their story, this is why….

(After you read this, put your story on paper, like I tell you (all).   YOU need to speak up and tell your own story and advocate for that voice in your gut that is telling you something just isn’t right.

Read more:

Derrick Burns was entering the prime of his college football career. He had just completed his second year at Pitt and was in contention for the starting fullback job after spring practice ended in April. He also had rediscovered his love for the game after two difficult years under former coaches… read more
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