P90X vs. P2X1: Which is better for stroke prevention?

I know you’ve heard of P90x, the  popular DVD / infomercial pitch to get you fit, right?  But what about P2X1??

P2X1 is the lesser known, (newly discovered) but soon to be heavily pitched  ‘biochemical switch’, which is associated with strokes and heart disease when it is ‘turned on’.   According to new research reported today the Big Pharma scientists will soon be working on drugs to block these P2X1 receptors in an effort to potentially reduce “dangerous” blood clotting that leads to strokes and heart attacks.  Get ready survivors, because there will soon be another pill coming down the pipeline (fast tracked, I am sure) to help you….

So what’s best?  Popping another pill or start moving (yes, exercise) to prevent blood clots, heart disease and strokes??  If you haven’t heard, my new book looks at just this issue.  I even give you a practical approach for stroke survivors to adapt some of those hip P90X moves everyone is talking about.

David Dansereau's Home Stroke Recovery Guide

David Dansereau






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