Join the STOP Stroke event at the Massachusetts State House on March 31, 2011

We are all facing tight times, but I urge Governor Deval Patrick not to be “penny wise and pound foolish” when it comes to stroke education and prevention*.  -DP Dansereau for

Please help my good friends at the American Heart / American Stroke Association(AHA/ASA) in Massachusetts as they are planning an important stroke awareness event at the Massachusetts State House on March 31,2011.

This event will help spread the critical message that recognition and timely care of stroke can prevent death and disability. Unfortunately, the Governor removed all funding in his budget for the stroke signs and symptoms campaign so they need your help! They are looking for people like you or who you may know living in Massachusetts who will share their stories with state legislators about how stroke has affected your life either as a survivor, caregiver or passionate advocate.

According to an email from AHA/ASA the day will begin at 11:00 AM with an Advocacy 101 to help prepare you for your legislative meetings. They will provide a boxed lunch and then you will have the opportunity to meet with your legislators to share your story and express the importance of the STOP Stroke Program funding. Speaking points will be provided as well as a staff person to go on the visits. The day will end by 4:00 PM.

If you are from Central and Western Massachusetts, they will have a bus to transport you to the State House for the event.  The bus will pick up participants at our AHA Office, 54C Wayside Ave, West Springfield and in Auburn Park and Ride lot off 1-90 at Exit 10 (where 1-90 meets 290)

For anyone interested in attending please register by clicking the below link:

If you have questions or please call Allyson Perron at 508-935-3943

Please help if you are  Massachusetts resident and have a personal message you’d like to deliver to Governor Deval Patrick.  As a stroke survivor, I know first hand the expenses that come after a stroke for diagnosis, treatment/rehabilitation and lost wages.  We are all facing tight times, but I urger Governor Deval Patrick not to be “penny wise and pound foolish” when it comes to stroke education and prevention*.-David Dansereau

[My Sidebar] Here’s what I uncovered while researching the Governor’s position on “investing in prevention”  for health care.  What happened ?  Was this another case of an empty campaign promise??  Why is stroke not considered in prevention in Massachusetts??

Prevention and awareness are the least expensive and most effective way to fight against our nation’s #3 killer and # 1 cause of long term disability.- Know-Stroke!!


Invest in prevention

When diagnosed early, many illnesses can be managed at far lower cost than if left until they breed more serious health problems. To keep our citizens healthy, I will invest in a robust public health delivery system. I will place a special emphasis on adequate childhood immunizations, effective drug & alcohol abuse education, HIV/AIDS prevention & care, and early cancer detection programs. Common sense prevention programs like these reduce system-wide costs, which saves money for insurance ratepayers.Source: Moving Massachusetts Forward, Patrick’s policy booklet, p.12 Sep 15, 2005

Focus on prevention and wellness programs

I envision Massachusetts as a model for public health stewardship, a state that gets healthy and stays healthy-emphasizing disease prevention and wellness programs that help reduce the total cost of illness, injury and disability. We will have effective programs to assure childhood immunizations, and to address drug and alcohol addiction, mental health needs, gun safety and other violence prevention, and HIV/AIDS screening, treatment and prevention.Source: Campaign policy booklet, “Moving Massachusetts Forward” Sep 15, 2005


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