Healthy New Year Wishes from

As the year ends I would be remiss if  I didn’t thank you all for visiting my blog over the past year.  I wish you success and the best of health this new year.

David Dansereau
David Dansereau (

Happy New Year   from  !!


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  1. i just found your site, i have PFO but i have been having episodes of dizziness that comes on suddenly and throws me to the ground if i don’t just sit down myself. i usually grab and hang onto something for dear life until this passes. could these be tia s? i found out about the PFO because of i suffer from severe shortness of breath with any exertion. . i suffered severe migraines until i got in my 50s. now that i don’t do much, i just sit all day, i don’t have the headaches. i have high blood pressure, heart arrythmias, and ‘fibromyalgia’ but i wonder about that too. how much of what is going on with me may be caused by PFO?


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