What You Need to Know about Stroke Recovery (you can learn from a 15 year old SURVIVOR)

How Do You Turn a Bad Situation into an Inspirational Message?


“Stroke Recovery is  not easy, but as Jamie Coyle and her friend Tedy Bruschi will say, you have to start by adopting an attitude to “Never Give Up”!  – DP Dansereau, Know-Stroke.org

As a physical therapist one of my most important tasks is to motivate my patient, learn what their true goals are for recovery, and find out what may have motivated them to action in the past (prior to their stroke).

Speaking from personal experience during my own stroke recovery, the key to achieving the best possible outcome is to not  give in and listen to that part of the brain that says, “enough is enough” and instead push through barriers and adopt an attitude to “Never Giving Up”.  Jamie Coyle knew from the first day I met her in her hospital bed that she wanted to return to skating, and her goal was even more specific, she wanted to play hockey again.   As a hockey player myself, it was not hard to connect with her and respond to her question to me at that first meeting,  “Will I skate again”?   I mentioned to her she’d need to keep the faith, maintain focus and most important, do the work.   She has truly owned that message and invested everything into her recovery, and I am so proud to see her back on the ice with her peers doing something she loves.  Way to go Jamie!

Watch the video feature below by Varsity Life’s Melanie Pellowski on Cox  Sports and Channel 10 .  Melanie has been following Jamie’s recovery and in turn has has done a great job helping to spread the word about stroke awareness.

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