Bruschi “Factor” could have Legendary Impact on Kids Stroke Awareness

What impressed me the most about this story was what the students did on their own to help spread stroke awareness.

-David Dansereau for

It was argued recently on New England Sports Network ( which sports figure in New England is the greatest.  With names like Bird, Orr, Williams, Bourque, Russell, Yaz and Brady to name a few, how do you decide?  I guess it matters just which Boston sport is your favorite, but I would argue another “Teddy Ballgame”, which didn’t get mentioned by NESN would be the other, Tedy, not Williams but last name Bruschi, that was not mentioned.

Tedy Bruschi and Bobby Orr throw out first pitch at Fenway ParkI’m sure it isn’t just my argument, because few sports legends in New England still create such a buzz with their presence as players like Tedy Bruschi and Bobby Orr.  You can see that clearly when you attend a Bruins game at TD BankNorth Garden and you still  witness B’s fans donning the #4 Bobby Orr Bruins jersey, even several decades after he quit lacing up his skates for the Bruins.  The same can be said for Bruschi.  I recently had the privilege of attending a Patriots preseason game this year with my family and while “tailgating” with my wife and two young sons (yup,drinking juice boxes),  we noticed there were just as many #54 Bruschi jerseys in that parking lot as any other active Patriots player.  Equal numbers of these Bruschi jerseys were being donned by respecting fans in the stadium as well as by the Kraft family’s tribute with life-size photos of #54 in the halls of Gillette Stadium.

It is this same legendary impact, or “Bruschi Factor”, that could give such an enormously needed boost to stroke awareness. Take for example the impact of Bruschi’s recent trip back to Gillette Stadium on November 3rd to speak to students from Holbrook Junior-Senior High School, and the influence the “Bruschi Factor” had on the entire school.  Tedy took the time to address 260 bright young minds about his story and his book “Never Give Up: My Stroke, My Recovery & My Return to the NFL” and discussed lessons learned with these students.  What impressed me the most about this story was what the students did on their own to help spread stroke awareness.   The story as reported on mentioned that the students were so impacted by Tedy’s book that “it extended well beyond English class, as the school tried to incorporate it (stroke awareness) into all aspects of the school, discussing the science of strokes, doing football-related math problems, and even working it into the school’s student council program.”   The story concluded with students “even surprised Bruschi with the donation of $1,054 – in honor of his 54 jersey number – at the event”.

So, whatever motivated these students by Bruschi’s message is the same “Factor” I’ve been trying to get the American Stroke Association (ASA) to fully “Tap” for stroke awareness.  Since recovering from my own stroke, I’ve been involved with Tedy’s Team raising awareness and funds for stroke research and education.   Last year I submitted a greater Boston Community Impact grant proposal through the American Stroke Association targeted at gaining better stroke awareness for the young faces of stroke.  My “Bright Minds” proposal is aimed specifically to Boost KIDS IDEAS ABOUT STROKE -(Identifying and Delivering Education About Stroke) Tagline:“Using great ideas from Young minds to get Grown-ups thinking BIG about Stroke.”

Bright Minds grant proposal for stroke awareness by David Dansereau

Unfortunately, I recently learned my proposal was not funded by the AHA/ASA.  I am “boosted” by this recent story on because it demonstrates exactly my intended “Bright Minds” concept and the potential  impact my proposal could have on kids and stroke.  So, I’ll keep trying.

I know this requires Tedy’s time and talent, but the outcome could indeed provide for a Legendary Impact on Kids Stroke Awareness throughout the Nation.  Perhaps, “Bruschi on Tap” someday might not only mean lessons learned from being a great player and now great analyst breaking down the game, but also for his ability to tap “Bright Minds” to be in touch with knowing stroke warning signs and “Never Giving Up” .

David Dansereau at

David Dansereau for
Read more on the sources cited for this post at:

Students Treated to Special Meeting with Tedy Bruschi

Boston has seen its fair share of great sports figures, but which one is the greatest?

To read my comprehensive Bright Minds Stroke Awareness Proposal or to consider helping with alternate funding sources please contact me through my corporate link and I’ll gladly send you my proposal details.  Thank you.

see also PFO Research Foundation at

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