Fundraiser planned for 14 year old stroke survivor Tyler Perry of Cumberland

14 year old stroke survivor Tyler Perry of Cumberland RI

I hope that you might take the time to help out and support the family of 14-year old Tyler Perry, another recent young local stroke survivor in our community.   While the family still does not know what caused Ty’s stroke (see his mother Leigh’s prior post included below here) they are, like the families of other stroke survivors, faced with many unexpected bills and treatment expenses that are not covered by insurance.

For this reason, a fundraiser is being planned for Thursday, September 23rdfrom 5-7 pm at the fraternal order of Police Lodge in Cumberland, RI.  I’ve attached the brochure that provides more information about this event  to learn  how to purchase tickets or make a donation.  The event is being coordinated by Jean Lermer at Dave’s Market ( Bakery) in Cumberland, RI.

I ask that you please do what you can to help Tyler and his family during this difficult time.  Even if you can not attend the local event but frequent Dave’s Market, pls. stop by the Customer Service desk at Dave’s to donate.

Thank you!

David Dansereau


From Leigh Perry 11:16 am on August  2010

My son Tyler suffered a stroke at the right MCA territory. Unlike your strokeTyler was checked for a PFO and his heart showed no abnormalities. This being very good news, he was examined for anything and everything else under the sun. At 14 years old, Ty ‘s situation baffled the doctors and I guess you could say “annoyed” them too. It was a very frustrating time for Ty and the doctors because they were concerned with finding the source so that there would be no “repeat offender”. We spent two weeks at Hasbro (WONDERFUL) hospital where numerous tests were done and then we were finally released to Spaulding Rehab in Boston with the medical exams to continue under the Mass Genneral Stroke team. Again I can’t say enough about the care we received! Unfortunately for all, the source of this unfortunate incident was never fully discovered and now we are both back at home working hard in three different therapies (why they are not fully covered for situations like this is beyond me!) but he has done remarkably well with his own determination, lots of care and advice and support from everyone. We have learned alot and still need to learn more so any advice or ideas from others is absolutely welcome!

Thanks for the book David! Sincerely Leigh Perry-Ty’s proud mom


Australian Grant will go towards researching best stroke recovery outcomes

As reported by, an Australian study hopes to make strides at determining which type of stroke rehabilitation protocol is best for recovery following a stroke.   Here’s the article with more stroke recovery information on this important grant…

With 60,000 Australians expected to suffer from a stroke this year alone, a new study aims to find the best approach to rehabilitation to help sufferers recover more quickly and reduce their stay in hospital.

After a stroke people need as much physical therapy as possible

After a stroke, people going through rehabilitation need as much physical therapy as possible to achieve the best results. Now UniSA researchers have been awarded a grant by the National Health and Medical Research Council to investigate a variety of approaches so that patients recover independence and get home as quickly as possible.

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