Get our student athletes screened for heart defects

PFO and heart/brain connection

Should all young athletes in the US have their hearts screened?

They do in Italy. Why not here?

by David Dansereau for

My guess is you’ll hear more about this debate on the nightly news this evening and in the days to come. That is because two studies published yesterday are reigniting an emotionally charged debate about whether young athletes should be screened with an $88 heart test to possibly reduce the small risk of sudden death from an undiagnosed heart problem. This debate also follows the recent death of two young athletes who died from sudden cardiac death. (They were Chicago Bears defensive end Gaines Adams, 26, and Southern Indiana basketball center Jeron Lewis, 21, both presumably from sudden cardiac death).

[Personal Sidebar: Screen all our KIDS involved in sports! While this debate continues, educate our coaches, parents and teachers how to respond FAST in the event of an emergency (stroke or cardiac arrest) from a heart defect. If I had been screened as a kid, I may not have had my 1st (or 2nd) stroke!! ]

Here’s all the headlines from today and links to the full stories:

Study: EKGs for young athletes cost-effective

San Fransisco Chronicle

Ask Dr. H: Young athletes and sudden cardiac death

Philadelphia Daily News

Studies spur debate on heart tests for athletes

The Columbus Dispatch

$88 scan detects deadly heart defect in athletes

The Salt Lake Tribune

Screening athletes could prevent sudden deaths


Heart test debate heats up

The Boston Globe

Screening May Save Athletes

The New York Times

Ask Dr. H: Young athletes and sudden cardiac death

Philadelphia Daily News


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