Dr. Oz’s Brain-Boosting Smoothie | The Dr. Oz Show

In my last post I had asked if you could spare  a moment to give me your 2 cents on how you are keeping your blood thin after your stroke, PFO closure or in general for brain and heart health / stroke prevention.  While I should have this article  ready for you early next week I could still use your help if you haven’t taken my quick poll (one click-maybe two- that’s all!)

Go to my nutrition poll and previous post at know-stroke.org

Here’s the link to Dr. Oz’s brain boosting smoothie recipe with Omega 3’s:

Dr. Oz’s Brain-Boosting Smoothie | The Dr. Oz Show.

ps- in case you are not in to using hemp oil as your source of Omega-3’s as  Dr. Oz’s recipe suggests, then simply break open a few capsules (depending on your product dose) of omega-3 fish oil and blend…

Here’s the omega oil I use- Mercury Free Ester C Omega

Final word:  While you are visiting Dr. Oz’s site be sure to make a show request there for the importance of knowing your stroke risks and the connection between the heart and brain.  Dr. Oz has discussed headaches, stroke, migraines on  his shows or with Oprah in the past.  The problem is the topics need to be discussed along with the mention of PFO.  So, drop the Dr. O, or the other Big O a line.  Here’s a few talking points to make- see my Oprah Challenge post

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If you have had your PFO closed recently or have had a stroke…What are you doing to thin your blood ?

Making progress for Stroke Awareness-know-stroke.org
Making progress for stroke /migraine / PFO awareness but many gray areas remain

I’m working on an article for my nutrition site my-nutrition-coach.com . The topic for this article is Omega-3 oils and  I am researching the latest nutritional science and what (if any) advice medical professionals are giving to suggest alternate methods to keep your blood thin.   I am especially interested in the nutritional advice given for those at risk of a repeat stroke or who might be  on a prescription med, for example post-op after PFO closure).

How you can help me with your 2 cents:

If you are on a prescription medicine protocol of any kind after your event, what dietary advice was offered to you (in addition to traditional blood thinning meds)?

Please take this 2 second nutrition/medication poll:

I’d appreciate your feedback.  I’ve had many readers ask me what are my thoughts on Omega-3’s, so I’ve provided this link to a recent article on the Omega3  I use.

As you may know it is buyer beware with all supplements so here’s what you should know to review your own brand.

I’ll keep you posted when the results from this poll roll in.  Thanks for helping me tackle these PFO/Stroke/Migraine “Gray Areas” one  topic at a time.

David P. Dansereau


Stroke survivors take note: FDA notice on Plavix


Plavix (clopidogrel):

Reduced effectiveness in patients who are poor metabolizers

Audience: Cardiology healthcare professionals, patients

FDA notified healthcare professionals and patients that a Boxed Warning has been added to the prescribing information for Plavix, an anti-blood clotting medication. The Boxed Warning in the drug label will include information to:

  • Warn about reduced effectiveness in patients who are poor metabolizers of Plavix. Poor metabolizers do not effectively convert Plavix to its active form in the body.
  • Inform healthcare professionals that tests are available to identify genetic differences in CYP2C19 function.
  • Advise healthcare professionals to consider use of other anti-platelet medications or alternative dosing strategies for Plavix in patients identified as poor metabolizers.

Plavix is given to reduce the risk of heart attack, unstable angina, stroke, and cardiovascular death in patients with cardiovascular disease. Plavix works by decreasing the activity of blood cells called platelets, making platelets less likely to form blood clots. A data summary and additional information for healthcare professionals and patients are provided in the linked Drug Safety Communication.

Read the complete MedWatch 2010 Safety summary, including a link to the Drug Safety Communication at:


Did you know? MedWatch is a free service of the FDA and you can opt in to their email list to get updates like this one delivered to you-no charge.  Visit the link to their site above to sign up.

I’ve included this MedWatch update as many of my readers are stroke survivors and may be on Plavix.  If you have specific concerns about this update and how it may apply to you please contact your physician. I am simply making sure you are informed.  You are encouraged to report all serious adverse events and product quality problems to FDA MedWatch at www.fda.gov/medwatch/report.htm

Source:  U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Tedy’s Team Corporate Sponsorship Available for Boston Marathon

Tedy's Team Corporate Sponsorship Available

Your corporation, individual brand, or perhaps a special message or product you wish to promote can now be advertised during the 2010 Boston Marathon. (Please note: We’ve made a slight modification from the video demonstration above to improve visibility for corporate advertisers.  The corporate ad placement will be on the back of the actual running singlet as shown in picture below vs. the front and back shoulders on the long sleeve shirt shown in video .)

Click for my stroke awareness progress report and corporate donation sponsor form for the Boston Marathon here:

2010 Tedy’s Team Corporate Sponsor (Boston Marathon)

Corporate Sponsors can Receive Ad Placement at the Stoke Winner and Champion Giving Levels

Your tax deductible corporate donation can help me continue to reach my stroke awareness goals and help my sister cross the finish line in Boston 2010!

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If you missed my last video post on why I still need your help to spread stroke awareness please click here to play that video message.

Thank You!

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Get our student athletes screened for heart defects

PFO and heart/brain connection

Should all young athletes in the US have their hearts screened?

They do in Italy. Why not here?

by David Dansereau for know-stroke.org

My guess is you’ll hear more about this debate on the nightly news this evening and in the days to come. That is because two studies published yesterday are reigniting an emotionally charged debate about whether young athletes should be screened with an $88 heart test to possibly reduce the small risk of sudden death from an undiagnosed heart problem. This debate also follows the recent death of two young athletes who died from sudden cardiac death. (They were Chicago Bears defensive end Gaines Adams, 26, and Southern Indiana basketball center Jeron Lewis, 21, both presumably from sudden cardiac death).

[Personal Sidebar: Screen all our KIDS involved in sports! While this debate continues, educate our coaches, parents and teachers how to respond FAST in the event of an emergency (stroke or cardiac arrest) from a heart defect. If I had been screened as a kid, I may not have had my 1st (or 2nd) stroke!! ]

Here’s all the headlines from today and links to the full stories:

Study: EKGs for young athletes cost-effective

San Fransisco Chronicle

Ask Dr. H: Young athletes and sudden cardiac death

Philadelphia Daily News

Studies spur debate on heart tests for athletes

The Columbus Dispatch

$88 scan detects deadly heart defect in athletes

The Salt Lake Tribune

Screening athletes could prevent sudden deaths


Heart test debate heats up

The Boston Globe

Screening May Save Athletes

The New York Times

Ask Dr. H: Young athletes and sudden cardiac death

Philadelphia Daily News

To help me continue to Raise Stroke Awareness YOU need to step up too!

You are not running, why should I donate?

If you have considered that it would still be the right thing to do but then clicked away, I’m here on video to remind you of why your donation to the American Stroke Association is important.  If you have donated to my fundraising and stroke awareness efforts in past, I sincerely thank you again.  I look forward to your continued support.  I appreciate every penny that comes in, especially in a difficult economy. You can help make a difference.  Every donation counts.  I hope you have been helped by my blog at know-stroke.org, and now is the time for you to step up.  It has been my intent from the start that through putting my story out there I might further educate others about their own condition.  In doing so I have been blessed to get to know many of you personally over the phone and many have expressed thanks and stated they will become more informed  in their local community to spread awareness.   That is terrific!  If you play my video you’ll see why (more than ever this year) I’ll need your help.  That’s right, if you’ve already played the video, you know a knee injury has forced me out of the Boston Marathon this year.  Even so, I can  run the marathon in spirit with my sister and continue to move forward with my national stroke awareness campaign.

Please play the video and read my attached campaign summary and stroke awareness update I have prepared here>  knowstrokedotorgprogressreport . I’ve also included a print version of my fundraising request form if you would prefer to mail in a donation here> 2010BostonMarathonPrintDonationForm.

You can also donate right now through our secure online donation link.  Donations to the American Stroke association are tax deductible.  You’ll see when you click the link, my wife and I have started off the donations  by showing our support for my sister Lori through a $150 dollar donation (or $50 each) to honor each of our three children.

Please help me continue to reach my stroke awareness goals and help my sister cross the finish line in Boston 2010

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In my next post later in the week I’ll update you on how  top corporate or individual donors can get their logo or brand visible and cross the finish line with my sister.  So, stay tuned and THANK YOU!

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