Coumadin-Aspirin-or PFO closure to prevent stroke?

What’s  the best choice??

David P Dansereau for

I know I have my own opinions and if you’ve read my stroke story you know how I feel about this topic.  Anyway, I found a great presentation recently on  the “Evidence base for PFO closure” by Dr.  Ted Feldman  PDec8Feldman1510 but have been a bit slow at posting lately.

Here’s the link to the presentation which reviews the use of coumadin, aspirin therapy or PFO closure for stroke prevention


2 Replies to “Coumadin-Aspirin-or PFO closure to prevent stroke?”

  1. Hi David,

    Have you heard of anyone having bruising over the heart area a few days/week following a PFO closure through a cardiac cath? I see a bunch of references about bruising at the groin site, but not in the chest area. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙂


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