Listen Up: Making Kids Stroke Smart May Save Lives

Article reviewed by David Dansereau for A new study published in the January issue of the journal Health Promotion Practice may indicate that stroke-related disability could be reduced by teaching children how to spot the signs of stroke in relatives and to call 911 immediately. Emergency medical treatment within three hours of the first […]

Att: Stroke Survivors-I need your help!

I am training to run the Boston Marathon in 2010 with Tedy’s Team Please help me cross the finish line in Boston 2010 That’s me crossing the finish line in Boston 2009 Why put my body through another marathon?  Trust me, I’ve already gone through my list of excuses again why NOT to run.  But, […]

Stroke Prevention begins with knowing your blood pressure

Stroke Prevention Guidelines: posted by David Dansereau for It doesn’t have to be May (Stroke Awareness Month) to review this list of important (and potentially life saving) guidelines: 1. Know your blood pressure. Have it checked at least annually. If it’s elevated, work with your doctor to keep it under control. Having high blood […]

Crack a chest vs. close a PFO percutaneously- should insurance decide??

Many stroke survivors report they are “waiting in fear for another possible stroke” while insurance companies deny treatment.   This is by far the most common emotion that most stroke survivors share with me while they angrily battle their insurance companies.  Here’s another recent post to that illustrates this frustration… Jen writes- “So I […]