Excuses and Doing Your (Rehab) Job after a Stroke

I’m up late putting the finishing touches on my next mobility article for Stroke Smart Magazine and it got me reflecting on my own list of excuses and what it took (hard work) to overcome each of them. Here’s a look back on my own excuses to hopefully help you look forward towards your own rehab goals and getting your (stroke recovery)job done.

Tedys Team 2009 Boston
Tedys Team 2009 Boston

Every person in this photo had a long list of valid excuses not to run…

Above is a photo of our 2009 Tedy’s Team just prior to going to the start line for the Boston Marathon.
Tedy Bruschi mentioned a statistic when he spoke to our team that stuck in my brain- it went something like this…

“Less than 1% of all people in this world can say they completed a marathon”.

Bottom Line:

Millions of ordinary people choose millions of reasons why they don’t reach their goals. Here’s just a few of the obstacles (or better yet excuses) that went through my head when I was deciding last Fall to begin training for the 2009 Boston Marathon.

My long list of excuses included:

“I’m too busy”

“I can’t commit to that-it is too long.”

“I used to be really sick / my heart can’t handle it.”

“I’ll do it next year.”

“What if I come in last?”

“I’m a hockey player-we can’t run well.”

“My morning routine is pretty set.”

“I’ll be in pain for months after the marathon.”

“It could rain.”

“One year I remember it was really hot…”


“I don’t like that goo stuff.”

“Docs can’t tell me if anyone has run a marathon with the device I have in my heart.”

“I have to work the next day.”

“What if I have to go to the bathroom?”

“Yikes-Heartbreak Hill!”

“Who wants to train that much anyway.”

“I’ll get too skinny.”

I’ll have to run for 3+ hours on my day off to get in a “long run.”

“What if my back goes out again?”

“Compression shorts, vaseline, body glide, under armour, what?”

“ I have kids now, those days of pushing myself are behind me.”

“My wife might think I’m nuts or am having another stroke.”

“(If I could get her to agree with my goal), my wife might not sleep for 6 months while I am in training.”

“It will take time away from my family.”

“I’d rather stay indoors, do my usual routine and exercise where it is warm.”

“I’ll have to raise funds for Tedy’s Team in a difficult economy.”

“What if I can’t finish?”

What if…..

You did it anyway.

My point is, no more excuses please…. instead

Choose not to be ordinary.

I Guess I liked those 1% odds.
Now on to my next goal.

No more excuses.
Here’s help for you to help set your own goals

Here’s a starting walk to run workout planner to help you get moving.

Need a success journal to track your progress?-get it here

Still have excuses. Need help? Leave your comments:

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