Please help young stroke survivor Jamie Coyle

While I was reading through the Valley Breeze newspaper earlier today, the story of 13 year old Jamie Coyle jumped out at me. I learned from the article Jamie is one of the top young female hockey players in Rhode Island and just like Tedy Bruschi and myself, she apparently suffered a stroke from a PFO while playing in a hockey tournament this past weekend. Don’t ask me why, but even before I turned the page from the headline “Young skater Coyle suffers stroke during tournament” my gut told me it was related to her heart. Please read her story here and help if you can. She is currently battling to recover in a Massachusetts hospital and her coaches are planning a fund raiser to help in her recovery.

For additional updates regarding Jamie, and any upcoming events planned, please visit A message center has been established so Jamie can stay in touch with her friends and family as she recovers. Please contact the coaches through this website if you would like to assist in any way.

Jaime’s story in the Valley Breeze can be viewed here:
The Valley Breeze article was written by Paul Dubois-Sports Editor


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