YouTube Video showing PFO closure on ORLive

I’ve passed this link along to many people who have contacted me through my Know-Stroke blog. I think that if you have the time to view it (it’s over an hour long) it answers lots of questions and shows the same PFO closure procedure I had done at MGH (no, that’s not me on the table).

OR-Live may block embedding this video on this site so I’ve included the direct link below- try clicking on the direct link if the video doesn’t play from this page. Anyway, here’s the video description from YouTube:

In this video, Heart Center cardiologist Sanjay K. Gandhi, M.D., assistant professor of medicine will perform a congenital heart defect repair live on the Internet Tuesday, June 6 at 5 p.m. The procedure will be narrated by his colleague, cardiologist Renato M. Santos, M.D., assistant professor of medicine.

Patent foramen ovale (PFO) is a common congenital heart defect found in 20 percent of all adults. It occurs when a fetal opening in the wall (septum) between the left and right atrium—the upper chambers of the heart—doesn’t close after birth. This residual tunnel can potentially allow blood to leak between these chambers.

I found the discussion about the new technologies coming in PFO closure interesting

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  1. i had a stroke in dec and another in Jauuary. they found out i had a PFO and an anyuerism. today they tried the new procedure, but once in found the hole was 13 centimeters and not the 3 centimeters they thought and the anyueism was larger. do they grow in size in time? can a hole that big be closed with the new procedure? my dr. is trying to fin out. is there a video i can watch of this procedure?
    joan smith


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